Butin Launches PR Partnership with Florida-Based Innisfree Hotels

Innisfree Hotels, a Florida-based hotel management and development company with nearly 30 properties under its umbrella, is the newest addition to Butin’s diverse client roster.

Headquartered in Gulf Breeze, near Pensacola, Innisfree has a presence in 11 cities across three states, primarily along the Gulf Coast. The company was established in 1985 and has become a force to be reckoned with in the travel industry. Over that 35-year span, it has expertly managed dozens of hotels in partnership with some of the world’s most-recognized lodging brands.

Innisfree has owned and operated both full- and focused-service properties and has exhibited a knack for delivering high profit and an exceptional rate of customer satisfaction. Under its current management, the group lately has been recording roughly $175 million in annual revenue, while overseeing approximately $800 million in assets. That includes four restaurants in the Pensacola Beach area.

Innisfree’s management style and extensive marketing efforts, including free hotel evaluations, have resulted in impressive growth and a positive long-term forecast for its brand. The no-obligation hotel evaluation, conducted by Innisfree’s regional operations staff, involves a full inspection of hotel property – from its physical condition and competitive environment to its financial performance and savings opportunities – with an eye on helping the hotel increase its revenue, profits and market value.

“We are absolutely thrilled to welcome Innisfree into the Butin family. Travel and tourism have long been one of the agency’s strong suits, and a PR partnership with this prestigious hotel group is a perfect fit. It provides us another significant opportunity to drive PR and communications impact in this dynamic industry,” said Kelly Marolt, Butin’s director of accounts.

“In addition to owning several unique properties, Innisfree’s family-oriented, people-first culture and give-back mentality set it apart from other hoteliers,” Marolt pointed out. “We can’t wait to start promoting the company and sharing the larger Innisfree story with media far and wide.”

Butin obviously is no stranger to travel and tourism, having two leaders with deep roots in the industry. In addition, the agency has had the pleasure of partnering with several other clients in the travel and tourism world, including Florida’s Space Coast Office of Tourism.

The team looks forward to supporting the goals of the Innisfree Hotels organization. To learn more about Innisfree, visit innisfreehotels.com.

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