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Our Director of Publicity, Mary Eva Tredway, recently shared her top 3 tips to get good media coverage with Buzzfeed.

Mary Eva Tredway

Think like a journalist and act like a friend.

There are a lot of publicists out there, just like you, who are pitching stories 24/7. The best way to separate yourself from the crowd and truly stand out is to treat everyone you’re pitching like you would a friend. For example, say you have some amazing tickets to the hottest new band in town, and you’re sure your friend would love to go to this concert, but they’ve never heard of the band. Think about how you would tell your friend why they should take time out of their busy schedule to go see this band? You would first be excited to tell them about it (you should start with believing in what you’re selling), explain why you know they’d love to go based on their preferences (you should know what they like/dislike), and what you think they’ll get out of going to the event. Another element to this is making them feel special by getting to know them and focusing on them as a person versus only seeing them as a journalist.

“So, what?”

You should constantly be asking this of yourself, your team, and your clients, because this is exactly what the reporter on the other end of the pitch is thinking. So, what makes your pitch important, relevant, timely, interesting, groundbreaking to the rest of the world? You have a new soda you want to pitch? So, what? Is it the first of its kind, does it have an ingredient no one else has ever used? You need stats, facts, and vidoes/images that are clearly differential and authentic. Be sure you’re staying abreast of trends and news relevant to your clients to seize any opportunity to connect your pitch to an existing story or headline.

Stay connected!

Making a relationship with a reporter and continuing to stay in touch overtime is key. Just like any other industry, journalists move around, switch beats, and change roles (especially freelancers!). When this happens, it’s the perfect time to reconnect, see what’s new and what they’re up to, as well as hopefully get a personal introduction to whoever has taken their previous position.

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  1. This lady has an unbelievable work ethic and goes the distance with her stories. This past December, her story from Cocoa Beach, Fl was picked up by both AP Wire and Reuters. Unprecedented!
    The magic happens when Mary EVA shows up!
    Thanks for Riding the Surfing Santas Wave!

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