Do it for the Gram: Why Instagram is such an effective tool for businesses

Living in a social media world has its pros and cons. And if you’re a business trying to navigate the social media marketing waters, it can be both confusing and overwhelming. Which platform will be the most effective tool for your audience? What is the best way to tell your story and increase visibility? Is it really worth it?

We love helping our clients dive into these questions and understand where their brand fits best in today’s modern digital landscape. For a lot of clients, one of the most popular social media platforms to focus on is Instagram. With over 1 billion monthly active users, this powerful channel is perfect for anyone looking to expand their awareness and gain visibility for their brand or products.


Instagram, owned by Facebook, is a visual social media platform geared towards photo and video-sharing. It is a global channel that allows brands to humanize their brand, showcase their , and connect with their audiences through both curated and in-the-moment content.

Over 60 percent of users log into Instagram daily, making it the second most-engaged social network after Facebook. With an estimated 71 percent of U.S. businesses using Instagram, there is no limit to the success an organization can reach with the right insta-strategy.

“So what should I post?”

Having high-quality, engaging and shareable content is the key to Insta-success. Users upload an average of 100+ million photos daily, and those who use the platform regularly are looking to engage with photos that resonate with them personally.

But photos are not the only way to to make an impact. Video posts have the highest overall engagement and more than 100 million users watch or share Instagram Live videos every day. Long-form storytelling is also a new feature made possible by IGTV, where brands can create fullscreen, vertical videos up to an hour long.

Instagram Stories is another great feature every brand should be taking advantage of. Via Stories, you are able to post at a higher frequency without over-saturating your audiences main feeds. Story content usually features less-polished, organic images and videos, and only lasts 24 hours.

Need some help boosting your Instagram story engagement? Try adding captions, using stickers, prompts, screenshotable images – and, most importantly, tell a story!

Embrace IG

There are so many ways to utilize Instagram’s power to help define your brand, increase recognition and inspire your followers. Instagram marketing can help scale your brand quickly, and, fortunately, there are plenty of tools available to help.

In the last year alone, Instagram has introduced dozens of new resources for businesses including advanced analytics, shoppable posts, traffic-driving tools from, and IGTV. The platform’s transition to a full-scale marketing channel is impressive and ripe for the picking. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to hop on the Insta-bandwagon and start engaging with your fans!

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