Dog Days of Summer: Meet Lilly Trotman

Lilly Trotman Bub

Name: Lilly Trotman

Alias: Bub

Parent(s): Nora Trotman

Hometown: Somewhere in South Carolina where I was rescued.

Occupation: Professional Napper

Describe your perfect day: A big breakfast, nap time, a visit to the park with mom and a nice chicken dinner – YUM!

Favorite toy: My lamb chop

Name your top 3 talents: Running, security and speed eating!

What do you think your parent does at work?: I hear she works on social media but I think she just posts pictures of me all day! Wish she would stay home more days than just Wednesday ?

Favorite food/favorite treat?: I love all foods but my favorite is any peanut butter flavored treat!

Lilly in the Park

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