Dog Days of Summer… Meet Kipper

Name: Kipper

Alias: The Kipster, Kipperoni

Parents: Mary Eva, Craig, Maddie, and MJ

Hometown: Johns Creek, GA

Occupation: Professional people and animal watcher from the window (if not sleeping)

Describe your perfect day: Sleeping while my mom works and watching for anyone who might be walking outside the house, so I can bark

Favorite toy: Stuffed squirrel

Name your top 3 talents: Sleeping, barking at dogs on TV, and chasing squirrels/chipmunks outside

What do you think your parent does at work?: Not sure but she sure does to a lot of talking on the phone and spends most of her days and nights on the computer.

Favorite food/favorite treat?: Anything that sounds like a treat coming from the pantry and when my parents have “people food,” even if I am not hungry, I am all in for that kind of food!

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