Dog Days of Summer: Meet Lou Marolt

Full Name: Lou Marolt

Alias: Lou Bear

Parent(s): Kelly Marolt & Nick Huelsman

Hometown: Raleigh, NC

Occupation: Instagram Model

Describe your perfect day: Wake up with my mom, get ready with my mom, go outside with my mom, then TREATS (I prefer organic, real beef). Get a new toy (I call them babies) and mom pays, obviously. Dad sneaks me people food and takes me for a walk. Go #2 in the neighbor’s yard! Come home, scratch my back on the rug, sleep as much as possible. Robert the Roomba doesn’t clean at all or make any noise. Mom washes my blanket so it’s nice and clean for sleeping.

Favorite toy: I go through phases, but I’m really loving the sushi set my Auntie Kate got me and my lamb that still squeaks right now.

Name your top 3 talents: Puppy dog eyes around people food, Getting EXCITED, Posing for photo opps.

What do you think your parent does at work? She makes all the $ so I can stay at home and live my dreams.

Favorite food/favorite treat? Either my beef sticks or mini grass-fed hamburgers.

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