Dog Days of Summer: Meet Newt Dangler (the cat!)

Name: Newt Dangler

Alias: Newt-Newt, Newton

Parent(s): Mary Kate Dangler

Hometown: Born & raised in the Queen City!

Occupation: Purr-fessional Cat Napper

Describe your perfect day: Playtime, cuddles with mom, and lots of treats – I’m purring just thinking about it!

Favorite toy: My wand – I go crazy for anything with feathers!

Name your top 3 talents: Waking mom at 5 a.m., climbing anything & everything, and chasing birds on TV.

What do you think your parent does at work? From what I’ve observed, she looks at lots & lots of pictures of delicious foods. I’m hoping she’ll bring some home to share one day!

Favorite food/favorite treat? I would say I’m hooked on salmon. (Mom taught me all about those client shout outs!)

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