How to Increase Your Website’s Traffic

At Butin, we’re always working to help our clients increase their website traffic and improve their searchability online. Website traffic is both a driver of new business and an important indicator of how your business is performing. You can also use your website traffic to gain more-detailed insights about your audience.

Drawing more visitors to your brand’s website may seem like a daunting challenge, but there are simple tips and tricks you can rely on to achieve that goal. Let’s dive into a few of our most commonly used practices.

  • Build Out Your Backlinks

A backlink is a link that is used to drive viewers to your website from another website. It is common for a brand to ask that non-competitive businesses, industry influencers, and media outlets use a backlink to the brand’s website when referencing the brand online. Google picks up on backlinks and will increase its trust in your business if it sees other trusted outlets listing your backlink. Quality backlinks are a major metric for the ranking of a webpage. Fun fact: PR is one of the best forms of link-building for SEO.

  • Share on Social Media

Simple fact: Social media is a free marketing tool that should be used by every brand, no matter how large or small the brand is. Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter are all trustworthy social media platforms you can use to promote your brand and website. For many of our clients, we suggest regularly creating blog posts and/or social media content with links to your website.

  • Link to Landing Pages

Landing pages are also a great way to get more people to tour your brand’s website. These pages are website pages specific to your company’s or brand’s promotional offers, blog content, products and services, history, calls to action, etc. Landing pages are completely customizable and play a vital role in building your website’s traffic.

You’ll find more useful tips for your company or brand here in the Our Thoughts section of our blog.

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