Kennedy Norton: Butin’s New Publicity Coordinator!

Butin recently added a new Publicity Coordinator to the team in Charlotte. Kennedy Norton joins us after relocating to the Charlotte area from Raleigh. While there, Kennedy worked as a Publicity Coordinator for a local PR agency. Although she has relocated from Raleigh, Charlotte is the place she calls home.

In her new role with Butin, Kennedy will be working with a variety of the PR agency’s clients.

Here are some fun facts about Kennedy, Butin’s newest Publicity coordinator:

  1. Name: Kennedy Norton
  2. Butin Job Title: Publicity Coordinator
  3. Hometown: Charlotte, NC
  4. Alma Mater: NC State University
  5. A Quote You Live By: “Love life and it will love you right back.”
  6. Your Favorite Place in Charlotte: Wherever my family or friends are at.
  7. Best PR campaign of Your Generation: Barbie’s “You can be anything!” campaign for young girls
  8. Describe Yourself in Three Words: Thankful, enthusiastic and loving
  9. Your Favorite Thing About Working In PR: The infinite opportunities to work with new and familiar faces.
  10. What You’re Most Excited About In Your New Role: To work with a team that hustles hard and is amazing at what they do.

Welcome to Butin, Kennedy!

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