Meet Butin’s 2018 Summer Intern!

Butin Summer Intern Shannon

Name: Shannon Rawley

Hometown: Wilmington, NC

School: The University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Major(s): Communication and Political Science

Favorite hobby: Traveling and eating

Describe yourself in 3 words: I’d describe myself as goofy, fun and adventurous

Favorite aspect of PR: I really enjoy keeping up with social media because its always changing and its interesting to see the impact that public relations has on social media interactions.

Life motto: “Whether or not you believe you can, you’re right.” – Some wise person.

Favorite place to travel:  So far, the Grand Canyon has been my favorite place but I’d love to go out of the country!

Summer personal or professional goal: Personally, I’d love to travel somewhere new and finally finish reading the autobiography of Malcolm X before the summer’s over!

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