Blogging for Brands: How to Amplify Your Brand Messaging

Blogging for Brands: How to Amplify Your Brand Messaging

The federal “Dietary Guidelines for Americans” say people should eat seafood at least twice a week. But, recently, studies have indicated that Americans have been falling short of that goal. So, The National Fisheries Institute and Butin set out to change that. 

Creating a voice of authority

Armed with the goal of  becoming America’s No. 1 “seafood influencer,” we aimed to inspire more consumption of seafood both inside and outside the home.

To start filling that role, we orchestrated a user-friendly “Dish on Fish” communications campaign that would engage new audiences and educate consumers about the advantages of eating fish and shellfish. At the center of the campaign was our blog. Here, we placed research-driven content that satisfied consumer desires for nutrition information and instructive recipes.

With a nationally recognized nutritionist front and center, we delivered seafood facts, features and trends in a friendly, knowledgeable way. We also produced tantalizing recipe videos and supported the blog through traditional PR, social media, Google Ads, e-newsletters, and regular guest posts from “campaign ambassadors” – other nutrition experts and food bloggers, as well as chefs both renowned and up-and-coming.

Making an Impact through Blogging

By the end of 2018, the campaign results exceeded expectations by virtually every measure. Over the course of last year, the program tipped the scales in engagements, pageviews, and total impressions.

In addition, maintained a healthy new-to-returning visitor ratio while also ranking for more than 700 search engine phrases. Meanwhile, the campaign also drummed up news media coverage from the likes of Brit + Co, Women’s Health, Food Network, and Fatherly.

By year’s end, the campaign ranked No. 1 on Feedspot’s list of “Top 100 Seafood Blogs & Websites for Seafood Lovers.” The initiative also won PR News’ Platinum PR Award in the Blog category. In 2019, Dish on Fish received a Bronze Anvil Award from the Public Relations Society of America.

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