Lifestyle Influencers: Tapping Partnerships to Grow Sales

When a leading home-improvement retailer was looking to generate awareness and traffic among its key demographics, Butin came up with a solution designed to drive long-term return on investment for the brand. Beginning in 2015, the agency activated a series of influencer marketing campaigns for the client, leveraging our relationships with prominent do-it-yourself and lifestyle personalities who maintain significant digital clout across a variety of platforms, including their blogs and social media channels.

Based on audience intelligence and historical performance data, influencers were hand-selected for each campaign to ensure the brand’s target audiences would find the content both relevant and entertaining. Focusing heavily on the organic, evergreen potential of Pinterest and Instagram, each yearlong campaign created inspirational and affordable DIY projects featuring the retailer’s products. The content capitalized on search trends of the moment, allowing it to cut through much of the noise on social media and drive site visits and overall impact.

Not only did the campaigns exceed original expectations and goals for positive sentiment, brand conversations and awareness, they also drove an unprecedented level of activity to the retailer’s ecommerce business. In fact, in just three years, the influencer-created content contributed to more than 900 online orders and in excess of $204,000 in corresponding sales. This is highly impressive, considering home improvement products, such as flooring and tiles, are not typically considered an ecommerce purchase. The online business alone resulting from this campaign is a strong proof point for the power of third-party endorsements from trusted sources, particularly bloggers and influencers. And long after each official campaign has ended, the evergreen material continues to produce results, showcasing the true power of influencer marketing.


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