The National Fisheries Institute: A Consumer-Facing Digital & Social Media Campaign

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In 2016, The National Fisheries Institute engaged Butin to execute a consumer-focused communications campaign for the institute’s newly launched seafood education program. The goal: educate Americans about the importance of eating seafood at least two or three times per week, as outlined by the 2015-2020 Dietary Guidelines for Americans.

We packaged the campaign with eye-catching branding that included a clever name: “Dish on Fish.” Our objective was to promote all varieties of seafood using dynamic content that included delicious recipes, how-to instructional cooking videos, dining-out tips and other attention-getting tools.

A compelling blog was created as the core content portal, and we drove awareness of and traffic to the site via the campaign’s Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter channels. By placing our focus on Facebook, as the most-widely used social platform, we drove significant returns of 25X the investment with highly targeted follower growth and promoted post campaigns.

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To enhance interest in and cement the validity of Dish on Fish, we also positioned registered dietician Rima Kleiner as the face of the blog and its respected subject matter expert. We leveraged Kleiner, who holds a master’s degree in nutrition, as an invaluable resource for national media.

In just eight months, the Dish on Fish campaign yielded more than 300 million impressions – through coverage by top-tier media such as NBC News, BuzzFeed, Reader’s Digest and others – resulting in a publicity value in excess of $600,000.

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One year into the campaign, Dish on Fish had become a leading source of seafood information for consumers and the media alike, providing at least 160 informational blog posts and accumulating more than 130,000 social followers. More than 1,000 stories mentioning the campaign have appeared in news media outlets around the nation. Dish on Fish is making waves – eat more seafood!

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