Presenting a New Leading Light in Women’s Health

Dr. Anna Cabeca: a New Leading Light in Women’s Health

In recent years, Dr. Anna Cabeca has been on a mission to help women deal with hormonal imbalances during aging. Thanks to Butin’s assistance, the Georgia physician and women’s health expert is now a go-to professional and resource within the field.

Dr. Anna speaks from experience, having fought through her own battle with hormonal imbalance that was brought on by early-onset, tragedy-induced menopause at age 38.  A board-certified Ob-Gyn, she managed to regain control of her body and even conceived a child at 41, then dealt with menopausal symptoms a second time, at a more traditional age.

Since then, Dr. Anna has been dedicated to helping women become their best selves again.  She has created empowering lifestyle programs and invented all-natural products for improving the aging woman’s overall well-being and sexual health.  At the center of her efforts is her pioneering “Keto-Green” approach to naturally managing the body’s hormones and aging gracefully.  She’s also written a book, “The Hormone Fix”, which was released in early 2019.

Amplifying a Health Expert

To amplify her voice within the crowded women’s health industry, Butin began moving Dr. Anna into the media spotlight.  We distributed copies of “The Hormone Fix”, along with samples of Dr. Anna’s various products, to media across the country.  We also planned a Southeastern media tour that positioned her as both the founder of the Keto-Green lifestyle and an expert on women’s health issues.

At the same time, we commissioned a consumer survey on Dr. Anna’s behalf that zeroed in on the symptoms of hormonal imbalance. The survey showed that 57 percent of U.S. women fear they won’t be able to take care of themselves as they age.  The revelation made Dr. Anna’s Keto-Green concept and her expert advice even more valuable to this audience.

The PR campaign generated mentions in more than 375 individual news stories (print, broadcast and online), collectively reaching an audience of more than 462 million and amounting to a publicity value of nearly $364,000.  The media tour alone resulted in syndicated TV programming seen in 132 cities, while overall coverage of Dr. Anna included a wide variety of media outlets, including People magazine, USA Today, Yahoo News, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, The Washington Times, the New York Post, Buzz60,,, Shape magazine, InStyle magazine, Essence, Woman’s World,,, and numerous business pages around the country.

In addition to this impressive wave of publicity, Dr. Anna’s insightful book made USA Today’s bestseller list and became a No. 1 Amazon selection.  Meanwhile, her reputation as a leading light in women’s health and wellness continues to grow.

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