Building a Long-Term PR Strategy for Your Brand

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In 2005, SeaPak Shrimp & Seafood Co. could boast of a strong shrimp heritage and excellent taste profile, but due to little-to-no consumer awareness or brand recognition, it suffered from low market penetration. Then Butin united with the SeaPak marketing team as it sought to increase distribution and gain market share in the frozen seafood space.

We have remained partners for well more than a decade, and through an integrated, multichannel communications and marketing strategy, the SeaPak brand today is the U.S. leader in the frozen, specialty shrimp category.

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Butin has garnered extensive news coverage for the brand about its taste leadership and quality products, and SeaPak has been featured in nearly every national food publication in the country. We also ensured SeaPak was an early player on Facebook, helping to drive sales through this emerging channel. The seafood company achieved great engagement with shrimp lovers, as well as industry accolades as the first frozen seafood brand to enter the social media space. In addition, the brand was an early adopter to leverage the power of influencers and bloggers through high-profile brand endorsements. These combined efforts catapulted SeaPak into the national spotlight.

The brand has received high-quality coverage in nearly every national food news outlet in the country since our relationship first began in 2005. In 2016 alone, SeaPak received positive coverage in just under 4,000 regional and national news outlets, with an impressive CPM of $0.13 – a staggering value compared to the industry average of $1-$4.

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For 2017, SeaPak has launched an all-new campaign, “Chillax, you’ve got this,” designed to help diminish the pressures that typically surround mealtime. Butin has integrated this message into all communications, underscoring the brand’s long heritage as an innovative and family-focused provider of convenient, tasty quality seafood options.


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