Shining a Light on Sustainability to Increase Sales

SeaPak Shrimp & Seafood Co. has been dedicated to seafood sustainability for decades and has been an industry leader in responsible sourcing standards and practices. But the brand until recently had not been fully telling its story. With consumers and customers now demanding transparency and sustainability best practices throughout the food space, SeaPak turned to Butin’s sustainability practice to help crystallize and share its achievements.

The goal was to develop simple, straightforward messaging that would solidify SeaPak’s leading position as a trustworthy and sustainable brand. Butin researched and gathered all of the impressive standards SeaPak upholds, including the company’s exceptional level of traceability for its products, plus its strong commitment to responsible practices throughout the supply chain.

We helped the brand clearly articulate its mission and its sustainability priorities, created informative materials to showcase their industry leadership, and worked closely with sales team to ensure all messaging was aligned.  SeaPak is now proudly communicating that they are a trusted brand that has always done the right thing and will continue making a difference for generations to come.



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