The National Salmon Council: Becoming a Powerful Pinfluencer

Sometimes, the key to success is simply knowing what to do with what you’ve already got.

When the NFI’s Salmon Council wanted to up its social media game, it turned to Butin to help map out a new strategy.

The council already had a presence on Pinterest, but that page’s performance to date had been somewhat lackluster. A new plan was needed for optimizing social in a way that would further the council’s mission of increasing U.S. consumption of salmon. So, for 2018, we revamped the entire page, with the objective of dramatically elevating the content, driving brand awareness organically, and blowing out consumer engagement.

The Execution

Our tactics focused on search optimization, group board access, shared content, and promoted pins. By the end of 2018, the council’s relaunched Pinterest page had gained nearly a million new followers and generated more than 2.3 million impressions, including nearly 6,500 daily organic impressions.

“Almost overnight, the Salmon Council went from being just another organization on Pinterest to becoming a powerful Pinfluencer. (We) built a space that now allows for continued sharing and promotion of all things salmon,” says Brandon F. Phillips, the senior director of communications and advocacy for NFI. “Today, our brand is the hands-down, go-to resource for all things salmon, and we couldn’t have done it without Butin. Its Pinterest strategy continues to break through the media and social clutter and drive demand for America’s favorite fish.”

Behind the scenes, we’d checked off all the boxes that would ensure our course of action made sense. We’d already convinced the council that social media provided a creative and affordable alternative to building its own branded website. Pinterest is the world’s top search engine for recipes. So, joining Pinterest was the obvious strategy.

The Results

In the end, we decided our approach would mirror that of a social media influencer, instead of a conventional brand. We adjusted the page’s tone and voice, incorporated “visual-first” pins, and promoted content from other popular tastemakers.

The page’s high output and variety of recipes and ideas have helped the Salmon Council connect with consumers. As further proof of its effectiveness, our collective 2018 Pinterest campaign took home top honors for “Best Use of Social Media” in the annual Platinum PR Awards presented by PR News, a leader in the communications, PR and marketing communities. The social media category included entries from Firestone, Aflac, IBM, Novartis Pharmaceuticals, and RIDGID.

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