Pinterest for brands: 5 reasons Pinterest is valuable to your social media mix

We love helping our clients win. For many of them, Pinterest is a valuable player in their battle for consumer attention. What we find interesting, though, is how many people either don’t believe in the power of Pinterest or aren’t aware of how much evergreen momentum Pinterest can offer their brand. For any naysayers out there, we’ve compiled a list of reasons why we love Pinterest and why you shouldn’t write it off, especially if you’re playing in the food, travel, or lifestyle spaces.

5 Ways Pinterest Brings Value to Your Brand:


  1. People use it to shop. According to Pinterest, 90% of weekly Pinners use the platform to make purchase decisions. In fact, when compared with other sites, Pinterest is more likely to impact what people buy. Why is that the case? When asked, Pinners explained that Pinterest’s unique mix of inspiring images and personalized recommendations helps them become more confident in what they’re buying.
  2. Great content thrives. What does Pinterest have that other platforms do not? A news feed algorithm that curates user content based on previous actions, versus chronologically-imposed algorithms. This creates far more real estate opportunities for your brand if you’re developing the right content.
  3. Influencers live here. If you’re executing any type of influencer campaign, you must consider using Pinfluencers – influencers who have valuable Group Board access and a high number of followers. They know how to create content with viral potential and are your best allies in winning on Pinterest with engagement-driving imagery.
  4. Updates made with the user experience and brands in-mind. It’s rare that a social media platform gets it right with their algorithm updates. Usually, updates seem to work against brands or users (or both!), but Pinterest has done a nice job of balancing user and brand experience over time. Stats support this, with Pinterest reporting that 78% of Pinners say it’s useful to see content from brands on the platform. Their newest tab gives users the option of viewing just their friends’ pins in chronological order but does not impact the main algorithmic feed which offers valuable real estate for brands.
  5. It drives qualified leads. Generally speaking, Pinterest drives more referral traffic to branded sites than other social platforms do. Because Pinners use the platform to shop online and make decisions in-store, they’re willing to go offsite to gather additional information. This is especially true for long-form content, such as blog posts and recipes.

Some of our favorite resources on this topic for reference are:


  • Pinterest– Here’s how people shop on Pinterest (link)
  • The Verge– Pinterest’s new feed has just your friends’ pins, and no algorithmic recommendations by Jacob Kastrenakes (link)

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