What To Do About the Recent Facebook Algorithm Change

Ah, the dreaded Facebook algorithm change. As other similar changes on the platform have done in the past, this recent update brought with it a drop in organic and paid reach across the board. But, luckily, a disruption on Facebook doesn’t have to mean a disruption to your strategy, goals or high-level objectives. In fact, it actually comes at a time when social sharing is down and Google search is making a comeback.

It may surprise you to know that Google reportedly drives twice as many referrals to publishers as social.

Where we once strived for virality on Facebook, creating listicles and short, attention-grabbing content to drive engagement, we’re now pivoting to build more long-form, original, authoritative content. And, since when has weighing quality over quantity been a bad thing?

Additionally, due to news feed clutter, political banter and fake news updates, many users are shifting their attention towards other social media platforms, such as LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest. The beautiful thing about this shift in attention is that these platforms offer far better organic potential for brands and publishers than Facebook has in quite some time. They’re also designed to support inspirational, evergreen content in a way that Facebook is no longer set up to do.

In the end, Facebook and all other social media platforms should be used to amplify your content, as opposed to acting as your one and only source of support for broadcasting your messages and connecting with your audience. Content should find it’s proper, native home via your website, blog (or even someone else’s blog), news media placements or, in the case of video, somewhere like YouTube. Then, your content should be repackaged in a way that makes sense for your active channels and supported with funding based on how it pulls users through the funnel and creates dynamic engagement (purchase, long-term website session, whitepaper download, etc.).

Some of our favorite resources on this topic for reference are:

  • BuzzSumo – Content Trends 2018: BuzzSumo Research Report by Steve Rayson (link)
  • Adweek – Forget Facebook? Why Marketers Are Embracing Pinterest and Instagram by Katie Townsely (link)
  • Digiday – Viral publishers see sharp engagement drops on Facebook (link)

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