Top 5 LinkedIn Marketing Tactics for B2B Companies

Thanks to the significant organic growth and engagement potential LinkedIn offers brands, this social media platform is one B2B marketing strategy you shouldn’t ignore.  

We hear it all too often in the industry, “we’re a B2B company, so we see no benefit in being on social media.” Luckily, after spending nearly 10 years working with various B2B clients, we can definitively say that this sentiment is just plain wrong. While there are so many benefits to having a social media presence in general for B2B companies, different platforms offer different strengths. One platform we see delivering ROI time and time again for our B2B clients is LinkedIn, even for accounts without a significant promotional budget behind them.

Recently, LinkedIn’s capabilities and potential have been featured more and more in the B2B and trade media spaces, and for good reason. If we’re being honest, we’re a little bummed that LinkedIn’s value is being spotlighted so frequently, because it used to be one of our best kept secrets for client success. Why? The competition for news feed real estate is far less on LinkedIn than other social networks, giving B2B content placed here significant organic growth and engagement potential. This is because, when compared to other networks, LinkedIn users are typically following less Company Pages and Influencers. Additionally, users’ personal connections are usually posting less frequently on LinkedIn than on other networks, offering more news feed real estate opportunities to brands and companies. Also, with a clear focus on professional updates, B2B content created with the LinkedIn audience in mind feels authentic to the platform, priming it for optimum engagement.

To help get you started, here are our top 5 LinkedIn marketing tactics for B2B companies:

  1. Feature people over products: Consider posting more about your associates, customers and communities on LinkedIn than you typically would on other digital channels, since “people” content tends to perform better than other topics.
  2. Share trending articles: Get in on the conversation and share your opinion on news relative to your industry, positioning your Company as a thought leader.
  3. Native Video: Video content is becoming more and more popular on LinkedIn, resulting in high engagement for brands and companies who choose to execute against this tactic.
  4. Post promotion: Promoting your posts to relevant audiences (including potential customer groups) will not only improve your engagement, it will also help build your following of qualified users.
  5. Share your blog content: Driving traffic back to your blog is an excellent way to feature your Company’s content and entice users to go offsite without a “hard sell” for a product or service.

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