Travel Trends To Watch This Year

Summer travel season is in full swing…

Nearly 100 million Americans have taken or plan to take a family vacation in 2019, according to a recent AAA Travel survey. So, what types of travel trends are on the rise these days? The Butin team attended the 2019 PRSA Travel & Tourism Conference to find out! Here, industry journalists gave us the scoop on the latest travel trends and shared what’s ahead for tourism.

Experts spoke a lot about what’s in and what’s out at the conference. They shared one overarching theme over and over again – people are hooked on the idea of traveling with a purpose!

What is purpose-driven travel, you might ask? Adventure, experiences, excitement and connection.

Our top five travel trends from our time in Philly!

  1. Wellness Travel – Our industry is all abuzz with the idea of “self-care” trips. That’s because wellness-minded travelers are seeking out experiences that will help them maintain a sound routine of fitness and healthy eating and connect them to nature. Vacations that include spa treatments, health events, inspirational outings, and physical activities like hiking are growing in popularity.
  2. Solo Travel – People are increasingly traveling alone. Some even compare it to a religious or therapeutic experience. Vacationers prefer to enjoy a destination on their own terms, without distractions or schedule restrictions. In 2019, more travelers will choose independent trips, so they can feel more empowered and self-aware.
  3. Multigenerational Travel – More travelers are adventuring around the world with parents, grandparents, siblings, kids, etc. These types of vacations make for special shared experiences and memories. It’s also a great opportunity to unplug and reconnect with each other! Popular multigenerational family travel excursions include river cruising, luxury cruises and celebration excursions.
  4. Sustainable/Eco Travel – More and more people are focusing on sustainability when planning their getaways. In fact, studies show that a third of travelers look for destinations that put an emphasis on sustainability when researching their trips. Overall, there is a greater desire to protect the land and waters from the manmade things that are destroying them, like ocean acidification, deforestation and coral bleaching.
  5. Culinary Travel – People love the chance to dive headfirst into a new, local culture, and trying authentic cuisine is one of the easiest ways to do that. Because of this, travelers are planning more trips to places that feature culinary attractions and diverse food and beverage scenes. With foodies sharing millions of food photos on social media, a desire by others to experience different types of cuisines is on the rise.
The Butin team is always looking ahead at what’s next in the industries we serve by tracking food and travel trends. You can view more of our work in the travel industry on our website.

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