Alexandra Bryson: Butin’s New Associate!

In July, Butin added Assistant Account Executive Alexandra Bryson to its Charlotte office. Bryson, a Virginia native and graduate of the University of Alabama, brings PR, social media and content marketing experience to the agency.


  1. Name: Alexandra Bryson

  2. Butin Job Title: Assistant Account Executive (AAE)

  3. Hometown: Washington D.C.

  4. Alma Mater: University of Alabama

  5. A Quote You Live By: “If you can dream it, you can do it.” -Walt Disney

  6. Your Favorite Place in Charlotte: As I am new to the city (I’ve only been here for a few weeks) I do not have one yet, but I am excited to find one soon!

  7. Best PR campaign of Your Generation: Dove Campaign for Real Beauty

  8. Describe Yourself in Three Words: Strong, Capable, Hardworking

  9. Your Favorite Thing About Working In PR: The creativity associated with the industry

  10. What You’re Most Excited About In Your New Role: To learn as much as I can about PR and assist my co-workers in any way I possibly can!


For more information about Alexandra Bryson and the Butin team, head to the Butin blog.

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